How to make your own 3D Glasses

Great now you can make your own 3D Glasses or buy them from your nearest outlet/free magazine pull out/free web post out………… or hunt down some blog sites were dedicated 3D followers will post them out to you for FREE!
1. Take off the lens of the glasses
2. Trace the lens into the clear plastic
3. Color the plastic with the blue and red sharpie
4. After the clear plastic is colored place them on the glasses

[edit] Tips

* You can decorate the glasses using any materials on hand. Encourage students to be as creative as possible!
* The pattern provided is just one possible style. Vary the outer shape of the glasses to make them unique.
* Take a picture of the whole class wearing their glasses. Or, even better, Use the class wearing their glasses as the subject of your 3D photo
* Red goes on the LEFT, and blue goes on the RIGHT.

Now your all set – Let the stimulation begin!!


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