How to Build your own 3D “I” Viewing Helmet: Part 1

3D Viewing Helmet

3D Viewing Helmet

1 set of “I” Vision Video Eyewear Glasses (must have AV cable attachment)
1 set of Red & Cyan Glasses
1 set of small speakers or Strong Headphones (optional)
1 Ipod (for portable use – can also work connected to a DVD player/TV/Portable TV/Player)
*Make sure all of the required AV cables are compatible with each other before you decide on which set up to use.
Snow Boarding Mask or Protective Eyewear (optional)
Black out Fabric (optional but recommended)
Cable Ties
Money Belt
Ipod Training Belt
Soldering Iron
Electrical Tape
Super Glue

Stay tuned for the HOW TO!


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