Check out other ways to start making 3D Film Today:
3D camera add on of the shelf. Not as fun as trying to make the 3D Stereo Cam yourself but if you’d rather get creative with the add ons see what you make of this, or try and make it yourself!
Use the written notes on this site to make 3D camcorder
The NuView adapter uses a LCD, flat polarizing beam splitter which allows two distict views (left and right eyes) to enter the single lens of a camcorder, in order to provide a true Stereoscopic 3D image to be recorded and played back. A threaded optical adapter is first attached to the camera’s filter threads, which provides a stable, optically aligned bayonet mount for the NuView . After the adapter is attached, the camcorder is used in a normal manner to view and record. To duplicate true Stereoscopic 3D visuals, the adapter provides the user with a simple single convergence control, which allows you to converge on objects near and far.

Easy to use on/off switch & selector for 2D 3D Left & 3D Right
Full instruction manual and tape which walks you through how to operate and use the NuView comes with.


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