Imagine 3D

Imagine 3D

Through assuming the role of digital voyeur, visionary and creator I will explore the potential and the practical limits of creating a retro-futuristic subversion to the experience and aesthetics of film. Mixing low-tech gadgetry and high-tech imagery I aim to develop a heads-up display and unique digital content that re-imagines the concept of stereoscopic imaging.

At the core of this project is the notion of taking relatively high-end film making techniques and making them viable for low-end productions.  Stereoscopic Film or 3D Film has been around for sometime, but in an age of digital Video it has seen a rebirth, opened up through the possibilities created by the internet: through networks and communities that deal specifically with the problems inherent with the technology.

The information required to both build the Hybrid Film Rig and the software to develop the subsequent imagery would be recylced from existing sources found on forums, websites, facebook pages, you tube videos and magazines such as Make and Makers Faire.

I have set myself the target to build the equipment I use, appropriate already discovered home grown techniques and carry them beyond their original parameters.

Live 3D monitoring; 3D Dual Camera Rigs, Turntables and Mobile units built onto apparatus will be developed from the outset of this project.  Consumer camcorders, gaming consoles and various relevant household equipment will be modified, software will be written, post production tools created and 3D capture systems built to create home brew 3D/Holographic Film Rigs.

My findings from the Rig Build period, from the re configuration of software, trials, failures and successes would be amended to this growing communities database of this partly web-based collaboration, keeping in with the community driven aspect of this specialist area and then documented fully within my blog.

………  Welcome to Imagine 3D

If you are interested in any form of Collaboration to do with this project or just want to share your interests then please contact me at:


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